Oracle Client – Server Advanced Online Training

Oracle Client – Server Advanced topics

1. Memory architecture.

a. PGA
b. SGA
c. UGA
d. Buffer cache
e. REDO log buffer
g. Result cache
h. Shared pool

2. Process architecture

a. LRU
b. Log writer
c. Check point
d. SCN

3. Table space Management

a. System table spaces
b. User table spaces
c. Custom table spaces

4. Histograms
5. Reading Trace files
6. Reading AWR reports
7. Optimizer tuning (PLS_COMPILER_LEVEL)
8. Optimizer join methods

a. Nested loops
b. Merge join
c. Hash join


1. Normalization
2. Relationships
3. Dimensional modelling
4. Ralph Kimball’s paradigm
5. Bill Inmon’s paradigm
6. Star schema
7. Snowflake schema
8. Galaxy schema
9. Hybrid schema
10. OLTP – Normalized models
11. Data warehousing design approach
12. Data cleansing
13. OLTP design approach
14. Design examples
15. Best practices.

Real time project scenarios

1. Sequence problem with RAC
2. UNDO table space filling
3. When the sequence was drastically incrementing
4. Scheduler– too much components were getting added
5. File system issue.. where varchar2(10 bytes) was occupying 20 bytes
6. Global partition getting failed. — analyse and build an alert system
7. Access issues with deployed in production–do a dry run before actual deployment
8. Error logging system