MongoDB training

MongoDB Online Training in chennai

MongoDB Online Training in India by experienced trainers we will providing interview questions and complete study material for MongoDB we will be covering the real time scenarios. 

This MongoDB Training Course focuses in the MongoDB technology as a tool to implement new ways to store and handle data that can be modeled as a document format. MongoDB is one of the new open source databases that focus on the ideas of the NoSQL (Not Only SQL) approach. This database is employed to handle documents in a free schema design that gives to the developer great flexibility to store and use data. The videos in the course covers download, installation, configuration, schema design, an overview of the database structure, CRUD operations, aggregations and map-reduce, indexing, integration of MongoDB with PHP, Perl, Pyton, Java, Ruby and .NET drivers, replication, sharding, GridFS and other administrative operations of MongDB.

Course content:
What is MongoDB?
JSON primer
When / why should you use MongoDB?
Installation and Administration
Installing MongoDB
Starting and stopping MongoDB servers
The JavaScript console
MongoDB Basics
Documents / Objects
Clients and drivers
Overview and integration
Building applications with MongoDB
Getting started
Examples and labs
Advanced querying
Conditional operators
Limit and skip
Aggregation and grouping
Performance and scaling
Master / slave
Import / Export and backup strategies