Sap Netweaver Architecture &WebDynpro


ABAP OO Overview- Basic Concepts refresher

WebDynpro Controllers & Contexts

  • Controllers – What are they?
  • Controllers – Detailed Review
  • Controllers – Usage in Navigation
  • Contexts, What are they?
  • Contexts – How to build them
  • Definition and Data Binding Techniques

User Interface Components

  • Overview of User Interface Components
  • Elementary UI Elements (e.g. Input, Captions, etc.)
  • Complex UI Elements (e.g. Tables)
  • Container UI Elements (e.g. View Containers, Trays, ALV Integration)

Programming extensions

  • Overview of hook methods
  • Context Data Retrieval, Supply Methods, Updating Values
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Programmed Text Retrieval via OTR and Assistance Class
  • Error Handling and Messages
  • Programmed Value Help Options
  • Value Help via Object Value Selector

Advanced Programming Techniques

  • Dynamic Programming Techniques for UI and Context
  • Interfaces and Component reusability
  • Creating and Invoking Dialog Windows/ Pop-up windows
  • Window Controller Navigation/ Exits
  • ICF Service

Specialized Techniques

  • Customizing and Personalization
  • Adobe Forms Integration
  • Portal Integration Overview
  • Programming Considerations/ Performance

Demo of Real time senorios & Discussion

  • Demo of a real complex real time object developed in WDAbap

Interview Question Discussion