Pre-Sales Activities

Basic Functions in SD

Master data

  • Organizational Structures
  • Business Parterns

Sales Processing 

  • Creating and processing sales orders
  • Sales document types
  • Item categories
  • Schedule line categories
  • Partner determination
  • Contracts and scheduling agreements
  • Incompletion logs
  • Material determination, material listing/exclusion
  • Free goods

Delivery Processing

  • Creating and processing deliveries
  • Controlling inbound and outbound deliveries
  • Packing
  • Packing Functions
  • good receipt and goods issue
  • Stock transfer with delivery Billing Processing
  • Forms of Billing
  • Credit and Debit memos
  • Methods for crating Billing Documents
  • Collective processing of billing documents
  • Accounts Determination
  • Business Area account assignment
  • Special Features of SD & FI Interface

Pricing Procedures

  • Defining and maintaining prices, surcharges, and discounts
  • Creating condition tables, access sequences, and condition types
  • Using prices and other conditions in sales documents
  • Promotions and Rebate processing

Cross Functional settings in SD

  • Copying control
  • Output determination
  • Text Control
  • Overview of configuring printed documents in SD
  • Introduction to basic system enhancements(user exits)
  • Introduction to personalization (e.g. transaction variants)