Org Management & Personnel Administration

  • Organizational Structure (Simple Maintenance, org stuffing & Expert Mode)
  • Create Plan Objects, Additional Object Types
  • Task Description/Department/Staff Maintain
  • Org Management Info types
  • Account assignment features, Structure Maintenance
  • Configure Positions, Jobs, Cost Center Assignment, Reporting Relationships
  • Organizational Structure Report
  • Personnel Action , Hiring , Employee Master Data
  • PA Info types Maintenance, Actions, customizing action
  • Basic pay roll area date create

Enterprise Structure & Personnel Structure

  • Personnel Area, Personnel Sub Area, Employee Group, Employee Sub Group
  • Assignment of ES & PS and all configurations in personnel management.

Recruitment (Basic ESS&MSS CONCEPTS)

  • Recruitment Medium & Instruments, Applicant Master Data
  • Applicant Actions, Applicant Activity
  • Letter Generation & SAP Phone Integration
  • Transfer Applicant Data to Employee Master Data
  • Report Generation, Recruitment Info type Maintenance.
  • Basic recruitment process in ESS&MSS portal


  • Recording & Evaluating Time Data(Positive and Negative)
  • Shift Planning , Holiday Calendars , Break Schedules
  • Work Schedule Rule, Deduction Rule, Counting Rule
  • Time Managers Work Place
  • Time Info types Maintenance, Absence & Attendance Quotas
  • Time evaluation, pay roll transfer data.

Payroll & Benefits (INDIA and USA with international payroll)

  • Payroll Period , Payroll Area , Control Record
  • Retroactive Accounting, Wage Types
  • Garnishments, Deductions
  • Pay scale Group / Area / Level
  • Generation of Remuneration Statement
  • Benefit Plans Health Plans, Insurance Plan, Savings Plan
  • Benefit Areas , Age Groups AND Dependant.

Business Case Study Project Based Exercise

  • End to End Implementation with project base life cycle, SAP HR Case Study
  • Project Scope – Live Scenario Environment Documentation
  • Documentation of Project based Guidelines.
  • Deliverables in a project
  • Blueprint Phase Documentation
  • Transport Requests
  • Unit Testing, Integration Testing
  • Interview Guidelines
  • Basic ESS & Mss concepts and function.